"As an actor and producer, I have been blessed to work with Jack. I have watched his skill set grow over the past five years. Jack is someone who brings depth, compassion and wittiness to any project. He is such a delight to have on set and someone I definitely will include in future productions. Jack, thank you for being you.  Keep shining!" - Schalet Jackson, Producer of "KNIGHT'S END"

"I was incredibly lucky to work with Jack on our pilot. He was a joy to work with and one of the best actors I have ever worked with, of any age.” - Allen Price, Director of “BLUE SHIFT”

"Jack is a rarity when it comes to a child actor. He is mature beyond his years in his approach to his character and to each scene he is in. Truly a diamond in the rough!” - Anthony Fanelli, Executive Producer of "13 STORIES TV"

“Jack has a Matthew Perry vibe about himself.” - Stella Alex, Talent Agent, Savage Agency

“Jack is a star in the making! He was fully off book with his audition and made fantastic choices. He takes direction well and has a "Can Do" attitude. On set, he is focused and prepared to work. His father, Scott, is quick to respond to emails and calls which made organizing our project much easier. I look forward to being on set with the both of them again in the very near future!” - Amber Wegner, Producer of "THE LEGEND OF CATCLAWS MOUNTAIN"

"Jack is different from the other talent his age. The things I've seen him do to perfect his craft are outstanding. He's so far ahead of others in his age range. He has definitely found his passion in life and for that it is my belief that he will go far in this industry. He's a driven, charismatic young man that loves what he does. How much more can you ask for? Mid-production and it's raining, everyone is wet and cold; in the middle of the woods, in period piece clothing from the 10th century, we only needed one more shot to finish off the scene before breaking for lunch and Jack didn't even hesitate to get it. He was like, let's do it, let's get the shot. We got it and I think it's still one of my favorite scenes. Afterwards, the conversation I had with him about that scene was how he thought the rain helped with his character and the mood of the scene; since it was a depressing, heavily driven dialogue scene. I don't think I would have ever expected to hear that type of positivity and awareness from such a young talent. Keep doing what you're doing Jack, your positivity, smarts and mindfulness will take you far.” - Christina A. Profit, 1st AD of “KNIGHT'S END”

“Jack is one of the most natural young actors I’ve ever worked with. There’s nothing forced or theatrical about him. Put simply, he’s an honest presence on screen. The audience can feel it in their bones.” - Brian Ivie, Award-Winning Director of “THE DROP BOX” 

"Jack's understanding of the script and his understanding of his character was the most impressive part of working with him. When I gave Jack direction, I felt like I was talking to an actor, not a child."- Wayne T. Williams, Director of “LET’S STAY TOGETHER”

“Jack, Jack Gross. Remember that name. He’s a DOPE [slang for awesome] actor.” - Robert Courtney Collins, Producer of “CHANGE A HEART”

“My experience working with Jack Gross has always been positive and highly anticipated. His energy alone could keep a production on its feet. Jack is talented, intelligent and fiercely dedicated to his craft as an actor. He has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. He has an incomparable ability to learn from his experiences and incorporate those lessons into his education as well as his life. His passion for acting is rivaled only by his passion to learn and grow. I have watched him work diligently to develop and perfect a new character on each assignment with no lack of enthusiasm. Jack strives for excellence in everything he does and performs with professionalism and maturity.” - Miranda Sue Hartmann, Acting Coach and Owner, Mirasu Actors Studio

“What is most impressive about Jack is his understanding not just of the depth of a character, but the depth of the story as a whole. He thinks about the film, not just his role.” - Devon Young, Director of “DAISY HEAD”

“Jack was a pleasure to work with. He is very professional on set and responsive to direction. He came with his lines memorized and ready to work.” - Yvonne Gonzales, Director of “COLUMBEAR”

“Jack is extremely versatile, he can act with the showmanship of Jim Carrey, but he also has a wonderful natural and subtle comic timing. He can conjure up the intensity of Harrison Ford or the sensitivity of Will Smith. He is humble, honest and an absolute joy to work with! Any director would be delighted to have him on the set.” - Amy Susan Heard, Acting/Audition Coach at Pink Tennis Shoes Productions

"Jack was a pleasure to work with. So professional, follows direction, great talent. And his family are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. In a way, Jack kinda saved my project.” - Khaliel Abdelrahim, Director of “ICE CREAM”

"Jack Gross has been a Junior Theatre Major for the past two summers under our direction at the Interlochen Arts Camp. He has been a pleasure to direct in a variety of roles. Jack listens well and makes corrections when given by the directors. He is dedicated to his craft and a hard worker. It has been our pleasure to work with Jack. He has a promising future." - Delmar and Ruth Proctor, Junior Theatre Directors - Interlochen Arts Camp

“Jack takes direction so well and is a pleasure to work with.” - Susan Gronow, Director of Theatre Production “HONK JR.”